Thursday, 5 August 2010

London MCM Expo - May 2010

Sorry for the complete lack of updates lately... got more than a little distracted... ^^;;

Anyways I got my review up for expo, you can find it at my livejournal here

I hope to be posting back here properly soon, ^_^

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Rudolf 4 and Hiromi 2

Sorry for the long break in between posts... been a bit hectic... but I come with lots of pictures and progress!! First here is the ones for Rudolf...

Boot Toppers
So the boots I planned on wearing didn't go over the knee... and it kept bugging me about how inaccurate it would look.

So I searched online and found the perfect fabric for boot toppers, so they would go over my knees!! So I bought it and once it arrived I set to work. First I cut out the template/inner of the boot topper. I chose some really thin cardboard/thick paper, the inner of some wrapping paper to be exact, so it was flexible enough to bend when needed but sturdy enough to stand upright and not go all floppy.

Then I pinned the fabric onto the template like so...

Then I tacked them round, and that is where they currently stand.

They will be finished soon, and then I'll show you what they look like actually in the boots then too... ^_^

So originally I started making the medals out of clay but then my paranoia kicked. I was worried they would break, so after talking with some people I switched to cardboard. First I found a thin cardboard box and, armed with pencil and ruler, drew out the medals.

Then I cut them out... obviously, XD

You can also see the policewoman badge aswell, as I did it at the same time.
Next I glued the bits that needed glueing before painting.

Again you can see the policewoman badge there.
Then I did the base colour of paint...

And that is where they currently are.
Next I will paint the more entricate shapes before glueing on the gems, ^_^

Now I am going to be honest here... I couldn't actually see the belt all that well in my reference images, and I think it is actually engraved. But I don't have those sort of skills. So I grabbed my gems and improvised. I kinda went with what I thought would be appropriate for the character, and I think it turned out quite well.

And... that's it for Rudolf updates today. Next... Policewoman!Hiromi!!
I kept noticing more and more props or small things on this costume and it's driving me insane. Even yesterday I spotted she has a tie clip... so off to ebay I went last night, XD Anyway, I noticed that she has a handcuff bag atrached to her belt so... with the left over fabric from the boot toppers I made this:

That's the front, that little white circle there is actually a gem... it needed more sparkle, XD

And that's the back... with the HUGE belt loop. The belt is really wide hence why it needed the huge belt loop of doom, XD It's completely hand-sewn, and even though it's slightly wonky and what not... I'm quite proud of it.

As you saw before in the Rudolf updates I did the badge too, only I finished the badge and only have to attach the safety pin to the back. From the previous pictures of it, I painted it gold and wrote the kanji for Ayana Oto on the front. The kanji didn't end up as good as I would have liked it but the pen was being annoying and not writing smoothly. Then I got gem happy again and this was the result:

And that is all for now. I am back at work on the costumes tomorrow, so hopefully I will come with another update tomorrow. ^_^

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Rudolf 3

Hello everyone!! I come with a costume update!! Finally, XD

Unfortunately we had to change around the costume plans so Alain is currently postponed until further notice. Instead I will be wearing Crown Prince Rudolf at May Expo instead. Which is why I come with an update for him!!

The fabric has been bought for a few weeks now but I didn't get a chance to start on him until today.

The fabric has been cut out for the base of the jacket and it has nearly been entirely machine tacked. Just the sleaves left to tack, but I need the black fabric before I can do that.

That is all that has been done so far. Next stage is to finish the base, with the black cuffs and the red collar. Then once it's fitted, the lining will be done. And then it's decoration time. So much edging and accents... they will likely kill me. But it will be SO worth it in the end.

That's it for now. Obviously I will keep you all updated with all of my cosplay progress. ^^ Hopefully it won't be too long before my next update. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hiromi 1

Long time, no see. XD XD

Yes it has been a while since my last update. Things got a little insane for a while and had to replan a few cosplays for Amecon. That's all sorted now though aswell as my registration for said event.

Anyways on to the update I have for you. This one is for my Ayana Oto (Hiromi) Policewoman costume from Rio de Bravo, the Revue for Russian Blue, by Takarazuka 2009. It is a paired cosplay with Sam, who will be cosplaying Mizu from the same scene.

The wig, gun, holster and handcuffs have been obtained. ^_^

Please excuse how crappy I look... and at the fact that I seem to be pointing the gun at Sou Kazuho... XD XD

I should be starting the actual costume construction soon for both Hiromi and Alain. Of course I will keep this updated as the costumes progress, ;) That is what this blog is for after all, XD XD

Anyway that is it for now. Only a small update, ^_^

I hope you all have a good day, ^_^

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Phoenix Wright 1 and Alain de Soissons 1

Hello again, ^_^ I have some costume updates for you... already, XD Okies so one of them is actually due from before Christmas but I thought I better do my review of the ball first. So...

The first update is I have the tie for my Takarazuka version of Phoenix Wright... I spent ages searching and searching for a pink tie and thankfully whilst browsing before starting work I found a practically perfect one!!

It looks a littler bit more purpley in this picture but it is pink. Trust me on that. XD XD But yes, Phoenix now has his tie. ^_^ Obviously I already had the boots and I think the shirt. Just the tie clip and blue suit to go, ^_^

Phoenix will be worn at Amecon 2010.

My next update is for my Takarazuka version of Alain de Soissons from Rose of Versailles. Again I already have the boots thankfully. But everything else will need to be bought/made. Now thankfully I have made a start...

The turtleneck undershirt. Technically the version I'm doing doesn't have the undershirt, but due to some assests of mine that need to be quelled... the undershirt is needed, XD Thankfully the 2006, national tour version wears a turtleneck undershirt. All this means is that I'm doing a cross of two versions. Sort of...

Anyways, here is a pic of it on...

Please excuse what I look like here... I'm not exactly healthy at the moment, XD But yes, that is what it sort of look likes on... XD You mainly need to see the neck part which you can, the rest will be hidden underneath the jacket mainly anyway, ^_^

I hope to start a fabric hunt for this one soon, and to purchase my props (sword and hipflask). I would attempt to make them but... I don't think a sword out of clay would be a good idea, ;) Besides... my skills are way not up to either of those yet. But have no fear... I can easily find those cheaply online, ^_^

Again I already have the boots for this one too, ^_^

Alain de Soissons will be worn for the London May MCM Expo 2010 and for the Grand International Cosplay Ball 2010.

Obviously I will keep you all updated with how both of these costumes progress.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Grand International Cosplay Ball - November 2009

So it's about time that I did this. My review of the Grand International Cosplay Ball 2009. XD Only a month late... whoops, XD This is also posted on my livejournal (public entry).

Okies so I'm going to start with Friday...

So I had work in the morning which was fine. Managed to draw the money I was taking with me out aswell. Had a brief panic moment when I thought I had killed my earphones, but it wasn't. The battery in my iPod had died so it needed charging, XD Needless to say I was relieved when I figured that out, XD So I got home and began work on finishing the xmas pressies for the girlies... this took WAY longer than I thought, and in the end had to change the plan to something smaller and I would give them their original pressies at a later date or send it to them.

So yeah, I worked on the other bits, got them finished and was happy with them. And I was excited to see how the girls were going to react. Only after I printed them... I found that it had gone all liney... the ink cartridges needed refilling. This was at 11ish at night and my parents had gone away for the weekend. And we didn't have any refill packs. Unhappy and angry was I, XD So after some tears and freaking out by me, I pretty much had a hissy fit and shut the main computer down and returned to my bedroom. There was nothing else I could do anyway. But then I had another brainwave whilst finishing my packing. I could still give them xmas pressies!! So panic averted, I finished packing and went to sleep ready for the next day...

Didn't sleep much. Was WAY too excited, but I had expected it. XD My sister's boyfriend had to drop me off at the coach station in the end as everyone was working. Bless him... he had only finished work at 4am and must have had four or five hours sleep? Still he got me there in plenty of time. Spent the time waiting for the coach trying not to bounce too much. XD XD Eventually got on the coach, turned my iPod on and was away on my journey.

The journey was quite smooth actually. And the driver had an awesome sense of humour... his safety instructions had me in stitches, XD XD But anyway, yes we arrived. Or well I arrived as I was travelling alone, but you all know what I mean, XD

So I got off the coach, grabbed my suitcase and entered the arrivals bit of the coach station. Had a slight panic about being on my own in that place again, it happenned in October aswell so I wasn't that surprised... having my purse stolen in May sure has made it's mark... anyway... after I composed myself I looked around a bit and decided to wander towards the bathroom area and the main doors in case the girlies were there. I knew Sam and Steph were arriving just before me, Emi was going to be late as she had to catch a later train...

Anyways, I wandered up there and thought I spotted a familiar blonde head. I wasn't too sure though so I slowly crept closer, glancing at said blonde person all the while. I was pretty sure it was Steph but I wasn't 100% sure. I didn't exactly want to start talking to this person if it wasn't Steph and was in fact a random stranger... XD But I managed to get my nerves up and ask. And it was Steph, XD Relief surged through me then, XD

So after hugs and greetings, we talked while we waited for Sam to finish in the bathroom. I refuse to use those bathrooms as you have to pay... XD XD Besides I didn't actually need to go, XD Anyways, Sam appeared shortly after, and I'm pretty sure she squeed at me, XD More hugs then, XD And I think then was when the zuka squeeing began, XD

So we met up with Lampshade and Matt, and then made our way to the train station to meet up with Emi. Highlights of this included the HUGE camera and talks of if it actually worked and how awesome it would be. And a conversation about not wanting to buy their big camera as carrying it around would be too much of a burden... that camera amused us to no end, XD But yes, as we were waiting for Emi, Sam got out one of her Graph's I think it was... or her Mizu photobook. Can't remember exactly. I do know we stood around squeeing for a while.

So, I spotted Emi... abandoned by suitcase to go and hug her and say hi, XD Sam and Steph followed me, XD XD Not that we went that far away, XD Since Emi basically ran to us aswell, ^_^ Finally the zuka family was together... <3 <3

 So yes, more hugging and squeeing, XD We then tackled the underground and more trains to get to the hotel. The trains and underground travelling was fine. It was walking to the hotel that nearly killed me... It took us way longer than it should have, XD It was also cold and wet. Not a good combination. But we still spent most of the time chatting and getting into our Elisabeth group mind set. XD

Once we did reach the hotel we all collapsed for a few moments to get our breath back... and to create what is now known as the pile of squee... which included all our zuka stuff combined, XD We should have taken a picture of it really, it was awesome, XD Ah well, we will do next time, ;) But yes, at first there ended up being a semi circle around where I was sat of all our squee stuff, but eventually I put it into a pile. ^_^

We also did our xmas pressie exchange. I did feel really guilty as my originally planned presents obviously didn't happen, and I also didn't have cards to give to them either... but I'll make up for that, ;) Recieved some awesome pressies from the girlies... one of which included a sketch by Steph of Hiromi... <3 I squeed... I know I squeed... and probably very loudly... and apparently they loved my reaction to it... it's up on my wall now, XD XD

Anyways, yes. We exchanged pressies and cards and after much prodding finally got our butts downstairs as we were late for karaoke, XD Very late... XD Whoops... XD

Lampshade and Matt had waited down in the lobby for us and we started off all together... but we lost Lampshade, well he decided to walk there I think... all I know is that he arrived nearly an hour before the rest of us, I think...

So yes, the rest of us slowly made our way to the train station again, and tried to make our way back across London, XD At one point we were split up and me, Emi, Matt and Steph had to wait for Sam. The underground was so jam-packed it wasn't even funny... well it was but it was also frustrating. And paranoia about being lost and losing people is just made worse in that situation but anyway...

We eventually made our way to karaoke... and had about twenty mins to half an hour left... we were VERY late... I'm blaming the trains... *shiftyeyes*

Anyways, looking through the book we were pleased to find the Takarazuka section, ^_^ Well... Choco found it for us and literally squeed over the page... it had Ai to Shi no Rondo and Saigo no Dansu on there!! We so wanted to do that, the four of us, but we didn't have time. Emi managed to fit in a song though which was good, ^_^ We've already decided to go back there in May, ^_^ 'Zuka karaoke ftw!! XD XD

Anyways after karaoke came a brief amount of time stood deciding what to do. Which somehow ended up with me, Sam, Matt and I think Emi talking about body chocolate... we were stood opposite a place that sold it. XD XD How ironic now that after saying Body Chocolate was added to our crack that a month later Chocolate Spread is running rampent... Apparently I attract crack... XD XD

Anyways... we eventually decided on food, and pizza. So we went on a trek to find Pizza Express. We found it in the end... after stopping to look at some Boots, in the window... ^^;;

But yes, we found Pizza Express, and had much fun conversation in there. Matt made the mistake of going to the bathroom though, giving Paul the chance to put the vase that was on the table, including flower, into Matt's coat pocket. It was sticking out and everything... but still highly entertaining to see Matt's reaction when he got back to the table.

After this we ended up in an Arcade. Spent some time wandering around in there, before we decided we needed to get back to the hotel to work on costumes a bit more. I didn't need to work on mine as I had completed Lucheni for the expo, but the girlies needed to finish off theirs, ^_^ So yes, we returned to the hotel and worked on the costumes a bit more, and squeed a bit more of course, before finally going to bed, XD

It rained all day.

So once we were all awake and dressed, we ventured out into London again as we needed to pick up some more bits for our cosplays. Long day was long and it took us an age to find the things we wanted. Some bits we couldn't get so we had to improvise, but we managed to get most things. We managed to find a tanned foundation for me to use as Lucheni as the stage tan I was using before just made me look dirty... XD

We also ate pizza again, XD Well Sam and Steph did. Me and Emi had pasta... yay Pizza Hut and free refills on drinks!! XD XD

Yes, we eventually made it back to the hotel and after a panic session of more costume finishing and me checking into my room (which I didn't sleep in, we just pinched the pillows) we finally got ready to go to the Ball! Again this took longer than we had planned, and I think we were about an hour and a half late but ah well... we still had an awesome time, ^_^

There was a brief moment of panic when they nearly didn't let us in. In our rush to get their we all forgot our IDs... *facepalm* They said we all looked around 16... *facepalm again* They trusted us in the end though, which was good cus otherwise we would not have been happy... though I suppose we could have just returned to the hotel and had zuka fun anyway... XD

But we got in, and were happy. For those who don't know, I'm 21, Sam and Steph had recently turned 19 and Emi is 18. So we are all old enough to drink, XD

But anyways yes we got in. I won't go into detail about the Ball... mainly cus I can't remember a lot of it, XD And no not because I got drunk... I don't really drink alcohol. The only drink I had was diet coke... XD Nah, it's cus I can't remember... it has been over a month now. XD

I do remember lots of crack photos though. Us all dancing with each other. XD Photos to prove it, XD I think the crack couple of the evening was LucheniRudolf... but you see I was Elmer in disguise... apparently, XD There was also the photoshoot in the Gingerbread House set up, which was good. The photos our group had were awesome!!

It was fun catching up with people, ^_^ Not that I had a lot of people to catch up with but I did manage to talk to Jake, Mike and Granny, ^_^ I don't think many others recognised me to be honest... a tash will do that, XD

I didn't know a lot of the music, and the Disney section was entertaining... though a lot of the other entertainment I kinda blanked at or during... my fault mainly as I was so tired... and my feet were killing, XD

I did have an awesome time at the ball though. Even if I ended up with a huge bruise on the back of my leg. Which explained why I literally wasn't able to walk back to the hotel. We got a taxi and the poor taxi driver gave us some interesting comments... He asked us if it was a wedding party first... and then... he said that I was beautiful with a moustache... yeah I was giggling for ages after that.

I do remember once back in the hotel, the need for Oasis and Salt and Vinegar McCoys... I was hungry, XD

We all collapsed out of our costumes and after random chatter, went to sleep.

Again it rained all day.

Our last day... well half day. This day turned out completely not how we planned... but anyway. We packed up and left the hotel. Traversed the underground again. I was in way too much pain to be able to cart my luggage all around London again, my arthritis was playing up something terrible... and the bruise on my leg wasn't helping either. So I came up with the awesome plan. I would sit in Victoria Station, in the food bit, with all the cases, whilst Emi, Sam and Steph went out to get the things they wanted.

Unfortunately by the time they got back, Sam and Steph had to grab their cases and run as they were going to miss their coach. Thankfully their coach was running late so they managed to get on it in time but it was sad that we never got to have a proper goodbye. Thankfully we have plans for expo and future events of planning in an extra day for the treks around London, XD XD

But after Sam and Steph had gone, it was just me and Emi left... we grabbed some food (MacDonalds... yeah... it was edible and we were hungry) before going back to the coach station so I could catch my coach.

Did get a proper goodbye with Emi which was nice. Though it was sad to leave. I had had so much fun, and I made some of the best friends ever that weekend. On the coach trip back I had texts from them all... and as soon as we all were back we were online to talk to each other again.

I love my zuka family to pieces. And I am so thankful to have met them all... hopefully the next time we will see each other is in March for Phantom 2!! And definitely for May Expo...

The Grand International Cosplay Ball was a good event. Even with all the crappy weather and the pain it was still worth it, and I'll definitely be going again next year if it's on again, ^_^

We've already got our costumes planned for it, XD We're going to rewear our Rose of Versailles costumes, XD Alain will be going to the ball!! XD XD

My next cosplay event will be London May MCM Expo 2010. Currently my costumes planned are, Alain de Soissons (Rose of Versailles, Takarazuka) and Kozuki Wataru (ACHE). I will be doing a review with pictures of that one too afterwards, ^_^


Sam as Der Tod, Emi as Sissi.

Steph as Rudolf, Me as Luigi Lucheni.

Sam as Der Tod, Steph as Rudolf.

Sam as Der Tod, Me as Luigi Lucheni.

Group Shot!! Emi as Sissi, Sam as Der Tod, Me as Luigi Lucheni and Steph as Rudolf.

For more pictures and bigger versions of the ones seen here, please visit my livejournal, ^_^ Link is at the top in the link section, ^_^

Sunday, 1 November 2009

London MCM Expo - October 2009

Well it's been a week now so about time I did my review of it. Not that it will make much sense really but ah well. This has also been posted on my livejournal (public entry).


So Friday... that was an interesting day. Got back from signing on at the job centre to mind a missed call from Heather on my phone and a voice message. I hadn't taken my phone with me as I wasn't going to be that long and I'm paranoid as hell about someone pinching it... but anyways, listened to the message to find we had a problem. Kathy's flight had landed, but no-one had a way of contacting her apart from me. No-one knew what she looked like apart from me. Yeah, so I grabbed her number off my phone, forwarded it on to Heather and continued to get my stuff ready for when I had to leave.

A few minutes later my phone goes again. Facebook message from Pounce asking for Kathy's number to give to Heather. After I had replied, again started moving my luggage downstairs with help from my father. Phone goes again. Kathy's phone isn't switched on, where is she flying in from? I wasn't 100% sure but I told them where I thought she was flying from. End of call. Phone goes off, facebook message from Kathy. 'Where are they?'... and thus began the great facebook messaging rally, XD

Basically a lot of facebook messages were passed back and forth between me and Kathy with me ringing Heather and Matt with the info I found out, like gate numbers etc. Once that was sorted my taxi had arrived to take me to the coach station. Once boarded my coach I found a text from Fluffbuns Matt asking me to ring, again confusion about Kathy, XD Once that was sorted I could then sit back and relax a bit. I had a two and half hour coach journey ahead of me, XD

Once arrived I was probably waiting twenty minutes or so before finding Heather, Matt and Kathy. After much squeeing we tackled the underground and eventually found our way to the apartments. Bags were dumped, including Kathy's HUGE SUITCASE OF DOOM!!!! Seriously that thing could have fitted me and MY suitcase in there with room to spare... It was huge.

After bags were dumped in appropriate rooms and more squeeing and mouth dropping at size of apartment we went on a trek for food, XD Didn't take too long before we went back to the apartment. I then finished off my Lucheni costume... with Elisabeth playing at the same time of course. Had to get myself in the mood after all, XD Then a Kaka appeared after finishing whatever she had been doing. Then she had to go out again. Such a social butterfly is our Kaka, XD

Then a Gemma appeared and more squeeing occured aswell as lots of hugs. Then it was time for food to be consumed. More squeeing and excitement. Then sleep was attempted.


Woke up early. Me being the cruel person I am, turned on the light in our room in an effort to not only make Kathy get up but to make me wake properly aswell. We had costume preperations to do after all. To cut all the preperations down short... we got ourselves ready and I put on the fake stage tan... my god... that stuff just made me look dirty. It was hysterical. Add to that the gross hair and the stripey top... thus my nickname for the weekend came to be...

Dirty French Mime

Thank you so much Jase for that, XD XD The DFM even turned up in our game of Apples to Apples on Sunday... and I died everytime it was played, XD XD

But back to Sat.

Once all the preperations I could do were done we headed out to excel. The flipping cue... it must have 9:45 by the time we got into the expo... we must have cued for like an hour. And we had early entry tickets. It was insane!!! And very very hot.

But once we got in it was fine. Had a walk around before the great Emi hunt began. Do you know how many toilets the Excel Centre has? It was nearly an impossible task, and that must have taken us like an hour to achieve aswell!

But once found my costume was complete as Emi attacked me with make-up. We had a giggle over the fact that we were Western imitating Japanese who were imitating Western... XD XD Got to love Takarazuka cosplaying, XD

Then bags were dropped off and we stalked around singing for a good long time. Well Kathy and Emi were singing, me I was just looking threateningly at the Free Hugs whilst playing with my dagger... I didn't get asked for a Free Hug once, XD XD Kathy took some photos... then I had to go back to the apartment for a costume fitting. To cut another long story short, we couldn't finish the costume in time and had to pull out of the Masquerade. Me, Kathy, Heather and Matt ended up sat chatting about lots of random stuff for a good few hours, also did some more costume planning as we do.

The others got back from the masquerade. Food was prepared and consumed. Afterwards everyone apart from me (and Kaka cus she wasn't there for most of it) drank alcohol with a most of them getting drunk... very amusing to be one of the only sober ones there... Joe visited us for like an hour or so, Kaka plaited his hair... we had a giggle at the drunkards. More talking... eventually everyone went to sleep.


Extra hour of sleep was much appreciated. XD Or extra two hours really. But yes did the same with the light in the morning. Ended up ready to go before everyone else was out of bed, XD It was fun traumatising Jase as the DFM again though, XD That sight in the morning is enough to terrify anyone!! XD

Eventually got out to Expo... bought my Oscar (Rose of Versailles) purse/wallet... had a big squee session, XD Got back to apartment, recieved picture message from my girlies at Fuyucon... <3

After more talking and squeeing and the others getting ready, I acquired a Sissi and went out to find Vampire!Emi for more make-ups. Once that was done it was a quick sprint into the expo to find Heather so we could queue for the masquerade.

Arrived there and was placed in order... we were third from the start. I started shitting myself as I do before I go on stage. Thankfully Joe asked me and Heather to hand out sweets and water. Did that and got to have a good chat and squee with the rest of the masquerade people. Though had a quiet to myself squee over the Phoenix Wright group... that esclated into joing squee with Gemma when I found her. XD Once my sweet job was finished I stood and chatted with Gemma for a bit and we discussed our Phoenix Wright plan for Amecon. She's doing Zuka Edgeworth and I'm doing Zuka Phoenix... oh yes, XD We have many fun things planned for that already, XD

Returned to my place in the queue with Heather. Tried to work out what we were going to do, which all went out the window as soon as we were on stage. We improvised the entire thing but it worked out quite well. Yay for my first ever walk on!! We even got laughs when I chased Heather off stage with the dagger, XD

Got off stage and sat down ready to watch the rest of the masquerade. Ended up with Phoenix Wright sat in front of me... I wanted to poke the hair SO badly, XD XD I even have permission now to do it the next time she wears that costume, XD XD

The whole masquerade sang Happy Birthday to one of the contestants, including the audience... masquerade moved on.

Masquerade winners deserved it. The costumes were just wow. Wasn't too keen on the performance winner but to be honest the performances were slim pickings really... Sorry if any of you did a performance on the Sunday... I'm just used to WHAM BAM performances... I'll stop digging myself a hole now.

So after the masquerade we all returned to the apartment. Had a photo session with Pounce. Got some great stabby shots and shots of me being given an even bigger weapon... oh the fun, XD Finally collapsed out of costume. Feet were killing. We then went out to eat and found Emi there with her friends, and Kaka there with her friends. Found out it was Kaka's birthday... we made the whole place sing Happy Birthday to her very loudly. They even saved us at the apartment some of her cake... <3

After a very yummy meal that Pounce ended up eating the rest of everyone else's when we became full... we returned to the apartment. I did my Japanese homework and games evening began. SO much fun!!!! And group pictures of the apartment group were taken... Made our own Apples to Apples cards, including one for the DFM... ended up not breathing cus of laughing numerous times.

We only had to end so early cus me and Kathy had an early coach back to Bristol the next morning cus of my course that I didn't end up going to...


Kaka got up with us aswell to help us get across London to the coach station even though she didn't have to be there for a few more hours yet... <3 <3 <3 Got home and collapsed.


Expo was awesome but definitely not long enough. I got to meet up with lots of people I said I would but still not everyone. Will have to remedy that next time. Forgot to use my camera... oops. But yay for having lots of other people to nick pictures off of, XD

Did much cosplay planning and found out many people are going to the Cosplay Ball this month too. Yay for getting to see them all again!!!

And at the Ball is our mini Elisabeth group... Emi will be Sissi, Sam will be Der Tod, Steph will be Rudolf and I'll be Lucheni again... it will be SO much fun!!! I will be posting a review of that too afterwards with more pictures hopefully.


Me as Luigi Lucheni, Emi as Der tod. In the apartment, XD

Me as Luigi Lucheni, Emi as Der Tod. Epic Pose is Epic!!

Me as Luigi Lucheni, Emi as Der Tod. The passing of the dagger... it had to be done.

Close up!!!! XD

Masquerade Entry. Me as Luigi Lucheni, Minxie as Sissi. Sissi just had to flash those bloomers... XD

Masquerade Entry. Me as Luigi Lucheni, Minxie as Sissi. The pointy is after her...

Me as Luigi Lucheni, Minxie as PGSM Sailor Moon. Proving Sailor Moon can really love anyone and everyone, XD

For more pictures and larger versions of the one shown here visited my livejournal. Link is up the top in the little link section, ^_^

Well that was Expo... bring on the Cosplay Ball this month!!